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Magic Hour Tour

3000 INR 5am - 9:30 am

Every morning, before the sun is up; the light sensitive Neon street lamps of Calcutta go off just when there is enough light. We hop on to the first tram of the day as the city enters the enchanting Magic Hour.  Trudging through the sleepy 300 year locality of Calcutta in full throttle (Tram/Bong Speed), the next few hours are spent visiting some local hidden spots around the oldest part of the city.
Before the bustling giant city wakes up, we’d have used all the iconic transport modes of Calcutta, enjoyed sights that are just ignored in plain sight, had breakfast by a hidden hole in the wall with an extraordinary view, gossiped about Bengalis and Calcutta in general, learnt the meaning to “Adda” and lot more about being Bong(Bengali). 
The “unguided tour” as we call it is wrapped up savoring Chai (tea) in a bhaad (earthen cups), the best sweets of Calcutta and finding our way through the winding streets to the place where we began.              


Calcutta Contrast Tour

3000 INR 4:30pm - 8:30pm/1pm - 5pm

Based on Satyajit Ray's Masterpiece "The Middleman", the Calcutta Contrast tour tries to bring forth the contrast in the life of local city dwellers.The choice of being part of the uncomplicated Business community or Artsy intellectual Native folk.Come feel and experience the Difference between Finance and Romance. We start off by visiting a native Bengali Area at college street ,browsing through alleys of books and old book stalls, A coffee break at the famous coffee house, initiation to becoming a Bengali and finding a few hidden spots.The whole sale markets (Burrabazar) are a place where a non Bengali culture has been in place for decades. A city within the heart of the city which is not native. A walk through India's largest and oldest wholesale fruit market and diving deep into the maze of wholesale markets that constitute the heart of Calcutta is experienced through local food,people and watching hand made products being made on the streets. Not all walks should be just about walking somewhere, so to finish off the tour we end up on a secret roof top with a panoramic view of old Calcutta sipping on beer/tea/lassi and basking in the Sunset.  

Alleyway Food Tour

3000 INR 5pm- 8pm

Calcutta; famous for its narrow alleyways known as the By-Lanes spread like a labyrinth in the oldest part of the city. Each alleyway holds a particular treasure at the end; A famous eatery. This food tour not just lets you indulge in mouthwatering dishes that are part of Calcutta's culture for centuries but also delves into the history and story behind the eateries. Local legends and alleyway stories are uncovered in a 3 hour non-stop eating fest. By the end you would've tasted Calcutta's best food and known more about the Bengali Culture. Come find your way through the mystical narrow alleyways of Calcutta leading to century old Street food stalls and discover why they call Calcutta a food lovers Paradise


The Owl's nest 1

2000 INR/night*

Sunny Owl's Nest Penthouse in Heritage Calcutta

  2 guests * 1 bedroom * 1 bed * 1 bath

If you enjoy an Innovative design, you will be pleasantly surprised by the design of the Owls Nest & it being frequented by so many birds early in the morning,you have to be unlucky not to see a few of them.Many of our guests have said that the room is so beautiful that they hated leaving it. Airconditioned , Wifi & having water filter and attached bath.